You’ve worked hard to get where you are, now you’re looking to the future.

At Foster Family Office, we understand the significance of your journey, so we offer more than just financial solutions.

We provide a trusted partnership dedicated to preserving your achievements and cultivating a legacy that stands the test of time.

This is about your prosperity and your legacy.

This is your Family Office.

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Your Prosperity

Market uncertainties should never jeopardize your prosperity. Our Family Office Group is committed to genuine diversification, shielding you from market swings that could endanger your wealth and peace of mind.

Our portfolios offer a broad perspective, incorporating international investments and diversification into private equity, private debt, and other alternative investments—the foundational elements employed by large institutional investors and endowments for enduring wealth preservation and growth.

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Your Legacy

After being assured of a comfortable retirement, your thoughts may turn to legacy. Tax planning, fee efficiency, estate planning, and philanthropy become paramount. We’ve got you, and them, covered.

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Your Family Office

Thorough Financial Plan

The cornerstone of your financial architecture.  Your plan gets updated yearly to reflect all the changes that life brings.

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Investment Policy Statement

This is the roadmap for your Portfolio Management team.  Dealing with your unique circumstances through thick and thin.


Quarterly Investment Reviews

We discuss recent life changes, asset allocation, performance against benchmarks, and recent portfolio moves.

Comprehensive Year End Tax Package

Tax time can be so stressful. We lift the burden.


Estate Planning Review

Ensure a tidy estate for those who value a legacy. We will take care of it for you.

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Strategic Philanthropic Consultation

Leaving money is easy; doing it smart and with impact takes planning. We guide you through.

Concierge Services

True Wealth = Time. Focus on what you value most and delegate the rest.


Key Features

No Proprietary Products

One Fee, That’s it.

The Right Investments in the Right Account

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Fee Efficiency

You May Be Wondering…

What's a Family Office?

Traditionally, family offices are where a wealthy family will consolidate their finances.  At Foster Family Office, our definition goes beyond; our clients are concerned with legacy, seeking to consolidate and preserve prosperity for future generations. This involves tax and fee optimization across multiple family members, strategic use of trust and Holdco, and the strategic use of insurance to deal with anticipated tax burdens. We’re here to tailor a solution that aligns with your aspirations.

I already work with a Financial Planner/Advisor. How is this different?

While an investment advisor can handle individual investments, a skilled portfolio manager is crucial for maintaining a consistent approach across multiple investors within a family.  Minimizing tax burdens, and making sure the highest-tax investors pay as many of the fees as possible require heavy lifting, and qualifications to perform.  Also, easy access to private equity and other Alternative Investments, which are essential for shielding your portfolio from excessive market volatility, is a unique advantage we provide that an investment advisor cannot.

What if my finances aren’t that complicated?

Your finances, whether simple or complex, deserve thoughtful attention. Life can bring unexpected complexities, and over time, managing your financial affairs may become challenging. Having a steady hand guiding your portfolio and estate through difficult times brings peace of mind when it’s needed most.

Is this service expensive?

Optimizing cash, strategic investments, and selecting cost-effective funds will likely produce gains that surpass any fees. We’re here to make your financial journey both rewarding and economically sensible – invaluable.

What am I actually paying for?

The Family Office Group is a dedicated team of financial professionals.  We scour the investment landscape for the best, most cost-effective investments for our clients.  We also perform extensive due diligence on managers to whom we allocate capital and closely monitor macroeconomic and security-specific research and recent changes in tax treatments, all to provide solid after-tax returns for you.

What if I change my mind?

No one is locked into the Foster Family Office Group.  Just as with a regular investment account, you can exit at any time.