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We lead. We don't follow.

When you choose the Foster & Associates Managed Account Team, you're choosing a dedicated group of experienced investment professionals.

We share a common goal of helping you reach your investment objectives.

You'll get more than just a mirroring of index performance. We are always on the lookout for the next secular trend. We work together to make investment decisions for you, using a rigourous security selection process combined with disciplined risk management. We also provide you with alternative investment and foreign market expertise.

Want a strong investment team? Open a Managed Portfolio Account and leave the driving to us.



Risk Management

There are few guarantees in life, and fewer in financial markets. But to manage our clients' risk, we focus on these three pillars:

  • Keep leverage low. While in certain market environments, for certain clients, we will endorse taking small margin exposure, but most often in the low single digits. Leverage can exacerbate losses in downturns, and more dangerously, can cause bad decision making and a loss of flexibility, at just the wrong time!

  • Have a disciplined sell strategy. The same quantitative approach that allows a stock to enter our universe of eligible securities tells us when to cut and run.

  • Diversification.  It's still one of the greatest free lunches in investing, but it can go too far. Taken to extremes, you will never get anything but market performance. "Selective Diversification" is our mantra.


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