Rob Morris of BLG Discusses the Logistics for Canada’s Biggest Law Firm!

Rob Morris, Chief Operating Officer at BLG, discusses the logistics of transitioning Canada’s biggest law firm to working from home in 2020. His operational readiness training from the Royal Navy shines through, as he leads the firm to embrace new technologies and develop proprietary solutions in-house, and for exceptional client experience.

Jordan Caplan of Crowe Soberman LLP Discusses His Role In The World of Small Business Owners!

Jordan Caplan, Partner at Crowe Soberman LLP discusses how he guides and advises clients – all while rules, government support programs and policies are in constant flux. Serving family offices, individuals and owner operated businesses across Canada, Jordan provides both an unbiased picture of the current state of affairs and an optimistic vision forward.

Bill Webb at Waypoint talks All Weather Investing

Bill Webb, partner at Waypoint Investment Partners discusses the merits of their “All Weather” alternative investment strategy – and how the fund fits into a diversified portfolio on our latest Invest the Money! podcast. 

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