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We are



IN-DE-PEN-DENT [adj] : not influenced or controlled by others

Foster & Associates is a passionately independent broker.
We’re not tied to any single solution or provider.

When you choose Foster & Associates Financial Services, you're choosing a dedicated group of independent and experienced investment professionals.
Our business is strictly agency in nature and our goal is to provide you with intelligent, informed investment advice.
We do our own independent thinking and we make our recommendations based on what you need. Not what others tell us to do.
We don't follow. We lead.

“My investment returns with Foster have been way above par - unfortunately so is my golf score.  However, I don't worry about my investments, so I have plenty of time to work on my golf.”

Client since 2002

Meet our independent team


Why does INDEPENDENCE matter?


Independence is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Foster & Associates has chosen to remain independent in order to
offer the best solutions to our clients, based on their needs, not ours.
Everyone likes to think of themselves as independent.  But how independent can your financial advisor be at a firm where advisors are encouraged to 'get behind' the new issues that the broker's corporate finance department is selling.  Or where special inducements are offered to sell the broker's in-house proprietary mutual funds, as opposed to a third party fund offering lower fees.  Or how about where a financial advisor is explicitly not allowed to go outside the firm to get a better (lower) price on a bond that may be a perfect fit for a client?
Institutions that create financial products, sell new issues, and offer ancillary financial services such as trust, banking and philanthropy may offer the convenience of one-stop shopping.  But they don't, and can't, make claims to independence.


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